My name is Whitney Cicero. Professional Mom, Writer, Award-Winning Vlogger, with over 30 million views on my videos. I think at one point I held a steady job where I was respected for my intelligence. I'll tell you a little secret, but you have to swear not to tell anyone else....I still wear scrunchies when I wash my face.  I think at one point I was considered 'attractive' but now most days I look like the before picture of an IBS ad.

My goal of this blog is simple - Warn The Others.

Kids can be dicks. Husbands can be jackholes. Often times I leave the house looking like a homeless dog. It's just part of the journey of motherhood. And we have to stick together. And we have to make each other laugh. Because it IS awesome.

I just wish someone would have warned me what I was in for - the highs and lows - so at least I could have stocked up the liquor cabinet. Enjoy the warning.