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I was thrilled to be recognized for "Best Video" two years in a row by BlogHer. I made "If Siri Was a Mom" as a shout out to all the hard working moms out there and wondered, just maybe, if Siri got exhausted too. Watch If Siri was A Mom here.

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The Day I Became THAT Mom

There’s a moment when you kind of snap. When the world has shoveled just enough manure under your nose when you finally say ‘No More.’ My moment of truth happened during our elementary school talent show dress rehearsal. Those 6 words strung together stir bile in my stomach. In fact, elementary school talent shows in […]


No, my kid doesn’t have a phone. And yes, I know your kid is super busy.

My daughter is in 8th grade and she is the only one of her friends that doesn’t have a phone. We didn’t sign any online pact. We didn’t read any parenting psychology books. She made this decision herself based on what she saw every day during lunch, and what she sees through her friends’ Instagram […]



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