While You Were Away: Day 2

Day 2, 1/15/14

Hi Darling,

How’s your ‘training’ going?

Do you know what sound a vacuum makes when it sucks up a rainbow loom bracelet?

Also, my estimated taxes are due today. Did you pay them? If not, I’ll play dumb. It’s totally working for me so far.

And I decided that going on the wagon doesn’t include champagne or vodka. Just thought I should let you know.

The tooth fairy did remember to come last night so I think I’ve kept the therapy at bay for another year.

I found this poem in the Girl’s homework pile. What do you all do up there when you go camping and do you have something you need to tell me about opossums?

My New Room


My new room is so awesome.

Almost as awesome as beating a opossum. (in a good way)   [mother’s note: WTF?]

My new room is as pretty as flowers.

My chandelier is as tall as towers.


My old room was like a buffalo rampage.

Almost as bad as cleaning the pet’s cage!

I’ll tell you my old room really stunk.

Almost as bad as feeding a skunk.


My new room is so nice.

Almost as nice as baby mice!

I tell you – I really like my new room.

About as much as rainbow loom.

I’ve managed some sort of food provisioning. Eggs for breakfast even though the Boy reminded me “didn’t Daddy ban you from making eggs?”. I stumbled through although the pan has been soaking for 7 hours and it doesn’t seem to be helping. Egg yolk= God’s glue.

Lunch = chicken and pistachios and gummies and a bar

Dinner = Haven’t gotten that far yet, but there is some spaghetti I’m thinking of mixing with the leftover Indian food. I may be on to something.

Come home soon. Six more days!


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