While You Were Away : Day 3

Hi Honey,

How’s the ‘training/business meeting’ thing going?

Per your request and because I aim to please you since I am a worthy wife. I am still trying eradicate the crap from the garage. I was able to sell the bed on craigslist but the dresser remains stubborn and apparently wants to stay with us.

Just leaving it on the sidewalk with the FREE sign didn’t seem to be working either. So being the ever consummate marketing genius that I am I decided to run an A/B test on my point of sale.

Day 1 – FREE – no takers
Day 2 – FREE (at last) – no takers
Day 3 – FREE (to good home) – no takers
Day 4 – $25 (leave money in mailbox. It’s the honor system) – no takers
Day 5 – Rain – no takers
Day 6 – Guinea pig condominium!


Free@last! No Takers. And apparently no one with a sense of humor.

FRee to Good homeFree to Good Home: No Takers!

honor system$25 (Leave the money in the mailbox. It’s the honor system. This did not fly at all. No Takers!

Guinea Pig CondoGuinea Pig Condominium. We have a winner!

The feeding of the children thing is really getting annoying. I forgot to go the market yesterday so today’s lunch consisted of some saltines crackers I swiped from the soup stand at Lunardi’s and smeared with peanut butter. I threw some carrots and an apple into one of their bags, even though one claims ‘he’s allergic to the skin.’ WhatEVS. I’m sure someone up there has an epipen.

When are you coming home? I’ve lost track.

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