Review of “THE WEEK” magazine 10.9.15 The Pope, NASA and Matt Damon

Hi today we are going to review The Week – scanning this week’s top headlines in 5 minutes or less so you don’t have to.

Today we will cover the week of October 9 , 2015.

And if you are one of the 8 people that actually watch this video series you are correct in that we missed last week. Unfortunately I didn’t get my magazine until middle of this week and then got this new on on Saturday so I’ll try and mash em up.

Let’s go.

The Pope visited the US last week and caught all of us up in a little Pope Man Fever, it’s driving my crazy. Driving me around in his pope mobile more like it. He said some really nice things like we shouldn’t kill people, and be kind to the Earth and immigrants. And I was happy to see that most of my Catholic friends, and I think I have 2 of them left, were so happy and proud because let’s be honest they’ve spent the last 20 years just horribly embarrassed by the church and it’s sex scandals and what not so I was glad they had their day.

Speaking of standing up to bullies, Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood held her own and then some against Republican lawmakers during a congressional hearing on the woman’s organization. In one video clip, see it in the notes below from the Rachel Maddow show, House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz boastfully posts a slide from ‘the Planned Parenthood corporate report” indicating abortions are up and medical services are down. Unfortunately the slide did NOT come from the corporate report in fact it came from a pro-life periodical and not only that defied all knowledge we have about the X/Y axis as it pertains to math. But why would pro-lifers choose to want to introduce science, facts or math into their argument now – they are doing so well so far.

And if you like math, science and things of the cosmic nature it was a great week.

Nasa reported “definitive signs of liquid water’ on Mars – specifically dark streaks resembling rivulets about 300 feet long”. But in Howard Jones conumdrum you can dip your foot in the pool but you can’t have a swim” a in 1967 by world power’s signed The Outer Space Treaty (super lame name guys, this is why you have a marketing staff) The treaty states the ‘landers must stay away from water sources unless the probes are thoroughly sterilized, and the NASA rovers now exploring Mars dont’ meet the standard.” So that means the very instruments we’ve done to assess if there is water on mars, cannot actually get near the water.
More about Mars, Matt Damon’s The Martian opened this week and is getting very solid interstellar reviews. It’s a smart script that has you on the edge of your seat and Damon gives a solid, winning and humorous performance.

Nancy Meyers’, ‘The Intern’ also opened. I’m not a huge Nancy fan, but I do say her set design is like … set design porn…everything in her movies is catalog gorgeous. I haven’t seen this film, don’t intend to and will file it over in the “watch it if you are stuck on runway with literally nothing else to do.”

American Horror Story starts this week – Wed specifically. Wed at 10 PM on FX even more especially. If you are in the neighborhood stop by and let’s watch it together.

Mindy Kaling’s new book “Why not me?” gets strong reviews.

Mark Rothko’s exhibit A Retrospective runs through Jan 24 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Splish Splash.

More tech news:
Kickstarter, that awesome but also guilt inducing site is made a nice PR move by announcing “Kickstarter has promised in a new charter to protect users’ privacy, support environmental initiatives, and donate 5 percent of it’s after tax income to arts education and fighting equality. the company also pledged not to use tax loopholes or other ‘esoteric but legal’ strategies to lower it’s tax bill.” This is so yummy, good for them and next time someone asks me to fund their documentary about socks I must just chip in.

Things are Das NOT Gooudd for VW who was found to have cheated on their cars’ emissions test. They car knew when it was being tested in a lab and would produce lower emissions but when it got out on the open road it would pass some gas. This is a major branding blow and people are concerned that it will have a very strong and negative impact on the German economy , VW’s stock price fell 35% and more than 200 German firms are dependant on them for business.

Things that no one cares about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefanie are apparently courting each other. I have always wondered what happens in those chairs before they spin around.

Jennifer Lopez’s ex is threatening to release a sex tape unless he gives her 3.75 million dollars. Would anyone care? No one is going to watch it. Save your money Jen – if anyone does watch it then it can only boost your career.

The baseball legend Yogi Berra died and here’s hoping there’s a big pic-a-nic basket in heaven waiting for him.

That’s the highlights of The Week. Until next time.

Here’s the lyrics
Poor John Boehner got kicked out
Northern Cal is in a drought
The Pope came to the States and everyone got Pope Fever
(PopeMan Fever is driving me crazy)

NASA found water on MARS
Matt Damon’s “The Martian” got 3 stars
VW’s stock down the hill for faking their emissions.

“The Intern” movie looks pathetic
Mindy Kaling’s book looks quite poetic
KickStarter’s founders get kharma points for donating their profits to arts and education

Some Hedgefund dick raised the prices on a pill for those in crisis
He will sit in Hell next to the kid that punched that blind kid
#D – I – C- K- S

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani behind those chairs are getting chummy
J Lo’s Ex wants $3.5 mil or he’ll unleash their sex tape
(Hey JLO – no one cares)

The Republicans donned their white hoods and demanded to defund Planned Parenthood but they didn’t check their facts and stats and ended up looking like jack asses.


Yogi Berra passed away, there’s a pic-a-nic basket with his name waiting for him at the pearly gates, RIP Yogi Berra.

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