Phuket Thai

To me sex is like thai food. I would never think to order it but once I’m having it I think ‘hey, this is pretty good. we should have this more often.’

Whitney Discusses the Downfall of Cup Holders

How to Survive a PTA Meeting

Videos Coming Soon

Hi TNS fans – I’m working on a video series, and trying to figure out all the technical stuff. Stay tuned!

In Every Relationship Someone is the Gas and Someone is the Brakes, Which One Are You?

After mediating a debate on whether to accept an insulting low offer on our house, our exhausted real estate agent leaned back in his chair cracked a grin and said “Oh, I get it. You’re the gas and he’s the brakes. “ Flashback: I had just spent two years in a dark post-partum depression and […]

While You Were Away: Day 8

Day 8 Aksjdfkj oiwioeihju ;al;klsjd iweuio w “!!!” lkajdien ‘’lkksijg ‘lkkljkj asdiogj z’lklwej icops dk Kljakdlfuioweu jnclakeuiou g’alsssssssssssssssssjieu a’lkgne’aliuev ‘alsjkehiora s’jk;v a’iweugfa Lawkejiopguja segpuiojk’;akeopi agj’akel;ppppppppjil;u vodka The End Start Over Day 1

While You Were Away: Day 7

Day 7 “Darling DoucheBag of a Husband” My mother arrives today. I’m spending $150,000 to build an addition on to the house. And because I’m a worthy wife and am concerned about finances, I’ve opened up a new credit card with no interest so we won’t have to pay for it for a year (or […]

While You Were Away: Day 6

Day 6 The nanny quit. I’m moving my mother in with us. Go fuck yourself. Read Day 7

While You Were Away: Day 5

Day 5 How is your “business training/boondoggle/pubcrawl/whorefest” going? Popquiz: You should or should NOT paint over smoke detectors. Tonight you missed PukeFest2014. It was like someone dropped a mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke – your son was literally spewing fountains of puke. On your side of the bed. And down the bedframe. And […]

While You Were Away: Day 4

Day 4 Dear ‘Darling Husband’, How is your “business training/boondoggle/pubcrawl” going?? True or False: When a vacuum sucks up a rainbow loom bracelet it smokes. And I decided that going on the wagon doesn’t include champagne or vodka or beer. Just thought that you should know. We’re all starving. Read Day 5

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